05 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools to Check Content Originality

15 Jun
What is plagiarism and why is it important to avoid?

05 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools to Check Content Originality

In the new modern era, plagiarism has been crawled in almost the entire online world. Almost everyone, either it be a web developer, content writer, SEO expert, teacher, or even a student, is well known for the intensity of plagiarism that can ruin their image and whole career.  

Table of content 

  • What is plagiarism and why is it important to avoid?
  • 5 best plagiarism checker tools
  • EditPad 
  • Check-plagiarism
  • Textreverse 
  • Copyscape 
  • PlagiarismCheck.org

What is plagiarism and why is it important to avoid?

Putting simply, plagiarism occurs when you copy somebody’s original work without the author’s acknowledgment and present it on the Web by your name. You would face severe consequences of this act because getting caught for plagiarism is looked up as fraudulence and an ethical breach that does nothing but harm your reputation and website. 

Moreover, SEO ranking is one important aspect that is affected the most when plagiarized or copied content is found on your website. Therefore, for breaching everything mentioned above, it is better to go for digital plagiarism scanners to ensure the originality of your content and devoid of poor SEO ranking on search engines. 

5 best plagiarism checker tools 

If you are reading this post for finding the best plagiarism checkers to ensure your text originality, you are in right place. Read further and check these shortlisted online tools out that would work efficiently and tells you how much of your content is original and unique. 

EditPad is a newly developed free plagiarism checker with satisfactory performance. EditPad is another great alternative for all those users who require to scan their papers occasionally. 

Pros of EditPad:

  • It is easy to use and always free.
  • It also allows users to copy-paste and uploads files to check the originality of the text. 
  • Deep search technologies ensure accurate results. 
  • Gives results in percentage with accurate sources. 

Cons of EditPad:

The list of free online plagiarism checkers is incomplete without this useful and free plagiarism tool. 

Check-plagiarism offers multiple papers checking at once and its advanced copied text detecting algorithm highlights all likely lines in your posts. 


Pros of Check- plagiarism:

  • You can check up to 10,000 to 15,000 words in one go on this amazing plagiarism scanner.  
  • It never asks you for signing up to use its free version.
  • In the advance option, you can enter all the URLs that you want to exclude while checking plagiarism in your text. 

Cons of Check- plagiarism:

  • To generate PDF plagiarism report, you must log in first. 
  • Textreverse 

Above mentioned plagiarism checker tools, Textreverse.com is another unique and versatile tool out there for detecting plagiarism. There is no need to install or registration for using this amazing tool. 

It offers multiple options to insert text in its input field e.g., copy-pasting and uploading files from your device directly. 

Pros of Textreverse

  • Free with unlimited usage that makes it stand out among others. 
  • Efficient for all those users who write daily and need to check files more frequently as it gives results fast. 
  • Support multiple file format

Cons of Textreverse: 

  • It only gives a limit of 1000 to check.
  • Copyscape 

Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism checker tools that has won the heart of millions of its customers. This plagiarism checker comes for free as well as its premium version is also available. The Premium version allows you to check each text file after paying 5 cents. 

Some of its features are worth mentioning;

  • Premium version allows bulk checking that means that it can check up to 10000 pages in one search. 
  • It uses powerful databases to detect copied content fast by doing a deep search. 
  • It offers a Copyscape banner that you can use as a warning sign for everyone who tries to take content from your website. 

Pros of Copyscape:

  • Utilizes more advance and strong algorithms for detecting copied content 
  • Offers no trial versions 
  • Premium version pays off by providing the most accurate results 
  • Hunt down every single link source from where content is taken
  • Trusted by millions of users. 

Cons of Copyscape:

Limited features of the free version push users to go to buy premium ones. 

  • Plagiarismcheck.org 

This plagiarism checker is on the list because it is free and can be accessed by anyone. The overall website layout works great for academic purposes.   

After putting your text file in its input field, it checks each sentence thoroughly and gives results in percentage. The duplicated phrases are highlighted so that you can easily rewrite them. 

Pros of PlagiarismCheck:

  • A very basic and easy-to-use interface allows users to scan every piece of written text before publishing it on the Web. 
  • All you need is to log in and you are good to use this tool. 

Cons of PlagiarismCheck:

It can only be used after logging in with a valid email address and name so, you cannot use it with any random email address. 

Finding a reliable anti-plagiarism tool both in performance and pricing is no more a challenging task for writers as there are plenty of best plagiarism checkers available on the internet. 

However, we have assembled the top best plagiarism checkers in this article that not only give accurate results but also check content’s originality in no time.


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