Best Web Hosting Companies

28 Feb
Best Web Hosting Companies

Best Web Hosting Companies

Are you planning to host your new website or plan to move your existing website from one host to another? Are you worry about how to choose the best web hosting company for your online business?

here we list the Top 10 Best web hosting companies for your new or existing Website.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Blue Host

The hosting titan is back on the system to hosting superiority. Improved infrastructure and charming rates guarantee a lot. The technological assistance could be more important, but it appears to be developing continually, which adds value to already excellent service. Impressive uptime and extremely low loading times combine nicely with a balanced hosting package offered at a fair rate.


Powerful uptime and speed make an immeasurable impact, which is exhausted by the bad support team and the extensive number of upsells. Starting prices grow various times in renewal. There are no venerable hosting features unless; what you get is a primary cPanel hosting. GoDaddy is the biggest hosting firm out there, although it is some distance away from the most reliable web hosts. The causes for that are numerous but can be summed up rather well by a general assessment: business culture. The latter is directed at a profit over all elements.


Hostinger is an affordable host that represents outstanding frontend speed and decently running backend. With the exclusive control panel and daily backups, it is a very compact option for small to mediocre sites that don’t require overly excellent characteristics. Its rates are second to none without discrediting the quality of the assistance in the most inadequate.

Site Ground

Arguably the most dependable support team in the business, strong backend and a bundle of features present SiteGround the best option for shared hosting that is optimized for WordPress and Joomla. Proprietary WordPress caching plugin, individual server design, and comprehensive information base make it perfect for newbies and venerable users equal. Throw in the mixed dedicated server means and you get yourself a rewarding service at an attractive price.

Green Geeks

Great uptime, reduced speed, a nice host of features, and quality support present GreenGeeks a reliable option for small and commonplace sites. The pricing might grow slightly steeply in renewal, but the company emits likable ideas aplenty and makes clients’ faith with a comparative comfort

Fast Comet

Comparatively fast and very steady servers, nicely balancing plans, and great support can see your site become like a mushroom with FastComet. The position is no 3 on the top 10 list.

Host Gator

HostGator is a remarkably strong host, with a good information base, a great user interface, and a wide selection of hosting resolutions. The support team is competent, albeit slightly slow on occasion. In terms of speed, HostGator Cloud could be quicker but still suits in the top 10 as long as the traffic is not extreme. Affordable and feature-rich, this is a host that is working once again to reach the potential it exhibited fresh on in its continuation.

Dream Host

The great sense that joins price, performance, and support bundled together inside a spherical package fit for users of any caliber. DreamHost is an excellent hosting provider that has it all: from the quality shared policies, through managed WordPress hosting, to clean VPS licenses and ahead. The company’s outcomes are directed at lightly more professional users, but they are intended to help newbies learn and expand.

Inmotion Hosting

The best information hub and excellent support guarantee a lot, but sites hosted over at InMotion need a massive amount of optimization to perform well. The end can be performed easily because the support is excellent, but the base speed of the InMotion Hosting servers is not the most renowned. Another warning is the approximately high price from the get-go, but InMotion Hosting compensates this with a feature-rich present.

Name Cheap

Greatly affordable and with kind support, Namecheap is an OK choice that needs boost its uptime. The company has built a very user-friendly client area and gives good deals on domain names, but the hosting clarification is not especially excellent. What it exceeds at is pricing, as a plan paid in accommodation can require less than $1.30, giving it perfect for first-time webmasters and users who want to test.

Let’s get started, here we will describe all the questions you may have in your mind and will solve the conflict about how to choose the right web host for your online presence. before we go to hit the main topic you must know all hosting technical points. We will describe all about hosting from A to Z for your clear understanding.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is hosting in which the web hosting provider host multiple sites on a single server. There is no minimum or maximum limit of websites that share the server, it will depend on the web hosting provider and the specifications of the server as well. So many websites on the same server will share the server cost so in that way you will get the shared web hosting at a cheap price. That can be a minimum from $1 to a maximum of $20 per month depending upon the companies.

There is also the drawback of purchasing shared web hosting. If one website getting the maximum traffic and using the server ram much more in that way that website will impact on other websites and will decrease the performance of all websites running on the same server. In simple terms, you are sharing the same room with other roommates and that can be caused a problem any time for you because of other roommates and you are not comfortable environment at all the time.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is almost the same as the shared hosting but must have a difference. in VPS the web hosting provider allocates you the separate resource for your website but on the same server. as we described the example of a roommate in shared hosting the same as that in VPS Hosting a separate apartment will be provided you by hosting provider but in the same building. you are much more secure and comfortable in your apartment and sam like in VPS your website much more secure and reliable in the VPS server.

VPS Hosting is much expensive then the shared hosting and you can get VPS to form almost $10 to $60.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

The dedicated hosting is different from shared or VPS hosting. In Dedicated hosting, you are the owner of your whole server and you using its full resources. The whole grip of the server is in your hand not like Shared or VPS. In simple words, if we take the example as mentioned above, no anyone your roommates and you don.t have an apartment in a building instead of you are the owner of a full house and authorized to use its full resources.

Dedicated Servers are most expensive and if you are going to rent a dedicated server from the best web hosting companies then it may start from $100 and goes up to $500 as per the server specifications.

How to Choose the best web host for your online presence?

The technology has changed and digitized. If you plan to start your business and need to stand it to the next level of success then you should present your self online.  The old fashion for business growth going to their end. If you need to become successful in the real world then you should be digitized. There is only one way for that to have your online presence with your company name that via a domain name. You need one web hosting company. The company will store your files and all the necessary data and deliver to the global audience via the internet.

Steps to choose the best web hosting company:

There are many more features that a web hosting company can provide you but we will discuss the core feature that you should follow before buying a web host. Actually to buying a web host is the first and most important step that will be the base of your online business presence. The success of your business does not matter on web hosting. But there are many factors regarding the best web hosting that necessary for your business growth lets star and describe step by step.

Server Response time

What is Server Response time?

server response time is the period in which your web server responds to a request generated from your web browser. let us make it easy for your understanding. when you put your website URL in the browser to open the website. The browser will send a request to your web hosting server to deliver me the website. the time in which web hosting server responds to that request is called server response time.

Server response time paly the most important part in your search engine ranking. Google says yous server response time should be below the 200ms. If your server response time is above 200ms then it will affect your search engine ranking to degrade.

The first and most important factors are server response time. If you are searching for the best web hosting companies then it should be your first step to test that host.

Server location

While searching for the best web hosting companies always try to buy web hosting from your nearest location. location matters a lot. it provides you and your visitors a fast loading speed. The location is also beneficial for your search engine ranking. let us make it simple for your understanding. If you are located in the USA and your server location is also the USA then if anyone searches for a keyword in the search engine, the search engine prefers those websites which are hosted on the same location and you will get benefits for better ranking.

Server Uptime

many web hosting companies claiming for 99.99% server uptime and some of them for 100%, but a few best web hosting providers meet their promise for uptime. Before buying a web hosting take care of server uptime because that matters a lot for your business success. If your server randomly goes down that will be the loss of your clients as well as your website become nonserious in the eyes of search engine and that caused on your ranking position as well.

Online Support

in today’s digitizes world most of the clients searching for a web host that promises 24\7 live chat support as well as phone support for clients. moreover, they reply to tickets quickly. no one has time to wait too much to resolve their hosting related issue. So always select a company that promises 24/7 online support for clients. it is also beneficial for the hosting provider. The companies which provide online support 24/7 taking over the hosting industry to get more and more clients.

Website Migration

If you are going to build a new website then this heading is not for you. If you are moving your website or websites from one host to another host. You should take care of the website migration service. You should check your hosting provider offering website migration or not. The most of the WordPress sites having with large data and it is difficult to create the new database in your new web host and then move the site that will also take too much time even sometimes on a single site. It is a painful process for you.


You should have look at the specifications yours from the web hosting company from where you are going to plan to buy. Always try to buy a web host with industry-leading specifications in their package.


when you completed your research the final step to compare the price. save your money. You should look into the best host with all the criteria mentioned above in the minimum price.’

Final WGive value to your online business. Select the best web host.  Thousand of companies make you confuse. Select the right choice. Make a bit of research. have a great journey to your business growth.


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