Black Hat SEO Tricks

Black Hat SEO Tricks

Black Hat SEO Tricks

What are the Black Hat SEO Tricks? Black hat is the type of SEO , we all know about the black hat SEO but we didn’t know about the black hat SEO Tricks.

Here are 27 ways that described the black hat SEO Tricks:

1: Hidden Text.

What are the black hat seo tricks? Hidden text is used in the process of spamming in the search engines. It offers the large contents for the display.

2: IP Delivery.

It offers the local contents for a specific country and a specific IP address. It’s a difficult for the users.

3: 301 Redirects.

It’s a new version for your homepage. Whenever you want the new domain then you should use it.

4: Throw Away Domain.

What are the black hat seo tricks? You can make a micro sites for the keywords and it’s a short term of keywords , it can abandon the term of keywords . Like

5: Cloaking.

It’s a set of contents , used for the tricking visitors from the website of search engine. It only shows the text .

6: Paid Links.

It is used for the donating the charity and software developers , and you can by the links from forums. You can used digital used forum and v7 forum for the contacts that you want .

7: Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is the most important for the tagging , it helps the users make a useful tag for the content.

8: Automatically generated keyword pages.

Google will create the some pages that are related to the shopping search engine. It promotes the products and described it better if your content is unique.

9. Mispsellings.

It helps in the traffic of websites it defines al the synonymous and the words that we used in our contents and posts . It also help us in the mispsellings of words and errors.

10: Scraping.

It is known as the mirror of the websites . It is offered to the webmaster which are best in web techniques.

11: Ad only pages.

It create the pages for the data and show them to the users so that the users may write a unique content.

12: Blog spam my favorite.

Blog using software is that , in which we generates the garbled text with the help of keyword phrases for the purpose of getting visitors by clicking on ads.

13. Duplicate content on multiple domains.

It’s a copy of substantial amount of content from the another website, with or without permission. It will help you in the copy of spammer content and also published your contents . It is known as a international linking of pages , these links can be selected from the other websites.

14. Domain grabbing.

It’s a old authority domain that was failed and revive them by putting on scale. These links will be abolished after sometimes so you should blog this content after this these links will be disappear.

15. Fake news.

You should create the real news on the websites , This type of Giveaways are an instant hits on blogs. It can increase your traffic and readers instantly.

14: Link farm.

It helps in creating the flagships blogs . It can manage the 3 to 5 times high quality blogs for him. You should interlink these links.

17. New exploits.

It can help in the blogging or and reporting , You can break the story story and will get the links.

18. Brand jacking.

Writing a bad review on the brand will disappointed you and destroy the planets for the voice concerns.

19. Rogue bots.

It helps the webmaster to beware from the problems of links that are broken .

20. Hidden affiliate links.

It’s a good use for the webmaster , the only thing that you have to do it is the disclose of affiliated links .

21. Doorway pages.

It also known as landing pages. It’s a worthless place to do the craping on page.

22: Multiple subdomains.

It is used for the ethical purpose it is consider as a blog spot .co and WordPress . com . It helps to create the multiple sub domain. In this way it helps to make the website ranking high


23. Twitter automation.

We can easily use the twitter there is nothing to wrong if we used the twitter . It’s a new collecting way of ranking high it’s a real person account that we can tweet us.

24. Deceptive headlines.

It is alternative of the black hat seo , here are ethical use cases for deceptive headlines though. Satire is one of course and humor simply as well.

25. Google Bowling.

The bad thing about this is to hurt the sites that you don’t like n a way we do that all the time linking out to the competition, the good guys of SEO who then outrank the ugly sites we like a lot less.

26. Invisible links.

Mostly webmasters used this tool for the ranking so whenever you want to emed your site then use the invisible links . Statcounter is the best example of the invisible links .

27. Different content for search engines than users.

Google will decided that it penalizes all the such sites that are provided the different meta description for the attract user, and when user actually landed on the page, find out some thing different. If you used the WordPress then it is good for the comment links from this serach engine will get unique contents.

Our Opinion about Black Hat SEO Tricks

This is just the informative information regarding black hat SEO tricks. Black hat Techniques are definitely a shortest way for website to rank on google, but we suggest you to only use the white hat method because black hat is very dangerous for your website in near future