Get Advanced Windows VPS Hosting India at Wisesolution

12 Jan
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Get Advanced Windows VPS Hosting India at Wisesolution

Windows VPS Hosting is the growing demand for organizations because of its user-friendly environment and affordable plans. It is the perfect web hosting solution for users and business persons looking for reasonable web hosting solutions. It means you get the benefits of VPS Hosting with enterprise-grade resources and endless support just at the price that anyone can afford. Also, it allows you to host your own or blogging website ranging from small to mid-scale.

For a faster and better result you should have a reliable web host who can be perfect for you. Wisesolution- The Best Windows VPS Hosting India Provider, offers the advanced technology featured web hosting services at the most affordable price. You will get the Unlimited Advantages including high loading and running speed, Administrator Access, always uptime, higher level of security system, Get Ranking Boost in Search Engine, manually backup, unlimited bandwidth, Flexible Resources, accessible and advanced c-panel, autoremote junk cleaner, regular maintenance, 24/7 technical support, Free SSL, upgraded version tools, and much more.

In this guide, you will see the top and cheap Windows VPS Hosting India features that you get at a cost-effective price. Let’s begin.

Window VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a secure and private web hosting type that offers you the webspace for your website hosting. When any user buys the VPS Hosting with windows platform to wanna run their website on a user-friendly environment, it refers to the Windows VPS Hosting. Virtual Private Server(VPS) uses the virtualization technology to serve the optimal performance and fast services.

You get a broad list of web hosting services with your best Windows VPS Hosting India plans. It includes huge storage, regular data backups, unlimited bandwidth, complete server control, customization, and 24*7 support services. Being a private platform, it offers personal and dedicated resources to the website, resulting in high data security.

Why Window VPS Server hosting for a successful business online

VPS India

Why is Windows VPS Hosting right? You want to know the answer. Yes! It is the Web Hosting type that allows hosting your small to mid-scale website. Also, offer you intense web hosting resources at an affordable price. Like shared hosting, other plans fail to fulfill your business requirements while dedicated, which may be costly for you. Therefore, VPS is the one that lies in between both hostings, which satisfy your business demands from scratch. Hence the best and perfect solution for your online business hosting.

How to use Windows VPS Hosting India

It depends on you whether you should choose the managed or unmanaged Windows VPS Hosting plans. After that setup and installation process is in your hands. Setup your own VPS and Using the Windows VPS Hosting is now not a complicated task. You can get ready to use the platform by following the simple steps.

  1. Login to your VPS account through SSH
  2. Update your VPS Server
  3. Create an account for a new user and assign its privileges.
  4. Enable the public key authentication
  5. Set up and install the security firewalls for your Windows VPS.

The Features should have in a best Windows VPS Server Hosting.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS Hosting is power-packed with superior web hosting resources and ultimate features to provide you the end-user experience. Features are the key factors that play an essential role in intensifying business growth. Therefore, excellent the features, outstanding will be the output from your business. Hence, choose the best web host provider that offers cheap windows VPS Hosting India plans with a broad range of reliable and flexible features.

Look at the ultimate features of a Windows VPS Hosting that you can enjoy for your business.

  • 1 Gbps Ports
  • 9999% Uptime
  • Redundant Network Flexibility
  • Cutting Edge Hardware
  • Server Monitoring
  • Instant Scalability
  • Friendliness Guarantee
  • Huge Solid State Drives
  • Flexible Locations
  • Enterprise Firewall

The Ideal Prices of Window VPS Hosting

Best Windows VPS Hosting plans provide you an adequate amount of bandwidth, extensive and super-fast SSD storage, huge RAM, a robust and latest processor with affordable pricing. You have the choice to select the plans as per your choice from the start, basic, premium, and enterprise plans. Below is the pricing table for Cheap Windows VPS Hosting.

Start 1 vCPU Core 1024 MB 25GB SSD 1 TB Rs. 900
Basic 2 vCPU Core 2048 MB 50GB SSD 2 TB Rs. 1800
Premium 4 vCPU Core 4096 MB 100GB SSD 3 TB Rs. 3630
Enterprise 6 vCPU Core 8192 MB 250GB SSD 4 TB Rs. 7260

Advantages of having the best VPS Window Hosting Provider

VPS Advantage

Windows VPS Hosting is the rising demands of users and organizations because of its highly secure enterprise grade services. There are lots of benefits of choosing such affordable plans for your web hosting. But it is best when you choose the right web host provider for your business. Why is it when every web host offers similar services? It is because a trustworthy web host provides you secure services and constant customer support. While a bad choice of web provider may ruin your business presence and result in wastage of your money.

Therefore, organizations must have to make a smart decision when it comes to the web host provider. Only renowned web host providers offer you cutting edge services. So it is necessary to go through your web host’s complete portfolio before buying any hosting package.

Wisesolution – The Reliable Window VPS Hosting Provider

Best VPS Hosting

Wisesolution is one of the offshoring web hosting providers that is the best thought for proffering its high tech support and enterprise grade resource for the goal specific businesses. If you are more concerned about your website’s online presence, performance, and speed, then Wisesolution is the perfect web hosting platform. It offers you the best Windows VPS Hosting India plans.

Therefore, you do not need to wonder more in search of better web hosting. It is because wisesolution is the one that offers affordable plans and intense resources to maximize performance with minimal costing.

It provides you with complete root-level access, 24*7 support, instant troubleshoot services, customization flexibility, resources accessibility, and much more. What is exciting about it? All you get in one place at a low price. Therefore, Wisesolution is the recommended web hosting for your business website hosting.


Windows VPS Hosting is secure, cost-effective, extensive, and money-making web hosting. You will get what you want from the basic to advance plans with such secure hosting. The best benefit you can earn by purchasing the reseller hosting in bulk and resell them to any users. Also, you get the flexibility to modify and configure your existing services with your brand name before reselling. So it seems you are the owner of the hosting.

Also, you have seen in this article what benefits and features you get with your web hosting. Apart from that, thoroughly going through this guide helps you to choose the best web host provider for your Windows VPS Hosting. So you can save your time and money.

Enjoy your business website hosting with Cheap Windows VPS Hosting India plans.


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