Google Algorithm Change History

Google Algorithm Change History


We all know that Google is known for that efforts that online users gets on the Google of any thing that you want but we didn’t know about the Google algorithm Change History. It provides all kinds of information that we need. It helpd to improve the results on the search engine web. There are many web updates which are miner on Google , but there are also some major updates that are used for search results like Panda and Penguine search results.

Panda Search

Panda search was released in 2011 , that helps in Google algorithm change history for chasing and shuting down on web sites , which produced low quality content and can be effected atleast 20% in search results. Later on Pandas will impact on the contents for the fresh updates.

Penguin Search

There is another major update that will create big changes in the Google , it is called the penguin updates of web search. It created in 2012. It’s a primary task for ranking and tracking of websites that contains all that links which is unimportant and unnatural , for this it gives a perfect slice to search market for other web search.It helps in the google algorithm change history.

Updates of Google algorithm change hisotry

These are the two important updates on Google it also implemented on Google search results. Rank brain is used for the improvement of long tail search results. It helps to find better queries of search , It can be effected by upto 15% on the daily searches.

The person who is doing SEO , then it would be helpful for him to use these updates for the high ranking and optimize the Google search. These updates will play a important role in seo. In this way a person will get the high ranking of pages in their business and it can be also helpful in making good relationship with your users and clients .