How To Get On the First Page Of Google.

How To Get on the First Page Of Google.


What is Google.

How to get on the first page of Google , We can say that to search any kind of information for anything by using internet on search engine is known as Google. Google was introduced by Larry Page and Surgey Brin on 4 september 1998. We can get all type of informations on Google.

How to get on the first page of Google.

There are four methods to get first page of Google.
1: By Changing Content.
It contains four steps.

i: Create a Quality Content.

How to get on the first page of Google , We all know that Google is a best and running website for the internet users. For the purpose to increase the ranking of your website you should hire a quality a good and professional designer. You should try to focus on the quality of content. Google contains lots of text , grammar and spelling for internet users. It is also needed that what things and information that the people want to see and read on our website. Your ranking can be docked by bait and switching. If your website provide best and useful information to others web users and internet users then your website ranking will be higher because people can get useful information from your site and your site will be ranked by over time. A great quality content will help you by increasing the ranking of your website and helps to create the first page of Google.

ii: Creating Original Content.

How to get on the first page of Google , Your ranking can be docked if you copied and cheat content by any other website. You will also be docked by stealing the content of others users of website. Google can boosts all the heavy lifting because it’s not the matter to caught a person it’s the matter to of getting content of other persons that are cheated or copied. By using Google you should try focus on the quality of contents.

iii: By setting a Proper Image.

How to get on the first page of Google , Images on Google also play a important role you should try to use best quality images for Google because it is often look for images and pictures. You should create those images and pictures which are related to your content and text. Don’t copy the images. To copy and cheat images can be dangerous for your ranking. Use that pictures which are related to your company profile and show the culture of your work. Always try to select a high quality images or photos for your site.

iv: By using Keywords.

Keywords for a better and high quality content should be decent. For a best quality keywords you should use the Google Analytics. It described those keywords which are nearly related to content and make a perfect shape to content. Don’t try to over load the text with keywords , otherwise Google will take notice and docked you. You should try these keywords for several times not for every time.

2: By changing your Code.

It also contains four steps to make a page.

I: Choosing a good domain name.

If you want that it will be workable so try to main keywords on your domain as a first word. Example given that if your domain name is”” then you should give a winery shoot to your domain. If you have a local business and want to increase your ranking then you should a country TLD ( Top level domain).You can be rewarded for searches in your area but you should be careful for doing this it will be hurt your outside searches of country. Don’t replace your words with numbers. Don’t used the subdomian. Use description and URL for each page and website. Give names to the pages on search engine and users in which people are interested. Cont use the genetic names on page. Keywords that we are used in contents are helps us and also favor us. These subdomains works in your favor. For example if you have a right to section of your site that is for sale ,use an address like” wholesale”

II: Use Descriptions.

The website that you are using allows you to add some invisible descriptions for your images and pages. You should try those keywords in your text which are fit for your page and content. It will help you to increase the ranking of your site.

iii: Use Headers.

Headers are the one of the most important part for the website that you are using and also for the text that you are written on your content. You should use the headrers and try to use that keywords which are fit for your content. If you taking as one it will be help you in ranking. If you don’t know that how HTML code is working then you should concern your web designer.

3: Joining the Community.

I: Work to Create the quality of backlinks.

How to get on the first page of Google by using , Best quality backlinks created when another website get more links then your websites , and links of your page. Try to find that websites that are closely related to your websites and check if they are willing for cross promotion. You also can contact for a willing person of relevant blogings and ask for guest posting , and giving another chance for your links posting on your site. But you should remember that you want those backlinks for a better quality of your site and content. Google can also helps to tell the difference. Don’t try to spam the comments if you do this claim then you will be docked for this type of behavior.

II: Getting on social media train.

Social media is playing an important role in this. Likes and shares of social media are beneficial than that of Google for those subjects are closely related to currently subject of content. For this you should make social media accounts and try to build more likes and shares for your pages. You should keep the connected with your customers that are online in this way they can feel that they are important for us. Always try to retweet and repost your those contents , shares, likes and pages, that are appreciated by your customers for your best reviews.

IV: Be active on the online community.

You should update your website regularly. In this way your site will be rewarded by Google for your maintenance and regular updates. Don’t ignore your website. Find easy ways to update your website such as news pricing , news updates ,news posts and photos in every month. Always updated with new trends for the updating of your site.

4: Using Google.

I: Learn to use Keywords.

Keywords are the most powerful tool for the website owners. From this you can find all that things on the Google related to your searches.

II: Learn to use Trends.

The trends of google described that changes and interest in a topic that are over. You should check your terms and make a chart of monthes so that’s why you can expect a peak for them. The owners of the websites have the ability to guess the increasing and decresing of ranking and by getting the solution of problems they will set them and make a part of them.

IV: Maps of Google.

You should described the locations of your business on the maps of Google if it is applicable.
There are some nice and easy ways to make a google page.
1: Paid listings
2: News
3: SiteLinks
4: Searchbox
5: Knowlede graph
6: Answer box
7: Maps
8: Reviews
9: Twitter
10: Socail profiles
11: Videos
12: Images
13: Organic listings.
An other way to make a perfect page is to use these things in your page or adding it,
1: Website URL
2: Meta title
3: Meta description
4: H1 headline
5: Keywords and tags
6: Images
7: Internal skills
8: Outbound links
9: Page speed
10: Site map
These are some easy and useful tips for making a google pages. In this ways we can make a google page easily. Therea are the some ways that we can use and get on the first page of Google.