How To Make SEO Friendly Website

How To Make SEO a Friendly Website.


There are some useful ways for making the SEO friendly with websites. We know that its not enough for the traffic and ranking of SEO TO make a website designed and beautiful , if you really want to increase your business then you should try that SEO will becomefriendly with websites.
Here are the some easy ways to become SEO a friendly website.

1: Keywords.

How to make seo a friendly website , Keywords are the most important thing in the SEO. If we used the wrong keywords then it can be effected on the ranking. You can make a strong keywords by using this process,
1: Make a list of potential keywords .
2: Add some search tools.
3: Now finalize your keywords that you want and also based on searches.
4: Then launch them in your content.

2: Keywords Placement.

How to make seo a friendly website, For a successful website and a good ranking on websites, these keywords used in the place that we need. Here are the some important places for the keyword placement,
.Title tag
.Meta description and keywords
.Website slogans
.Breadcrumb trails
.H1, H2 and H3 tags
.Bullet points
.Alt text
.Title attribute on links
.The main website copy
.Internal links
.Footer links
.File / folder names

3: Search Engine Friendly Navigation.

How to make seo a friendly website , It’s a creating structure of the websites that can be used in the search engine. It is important for search engine to make images with related content and keywords. Your address and links should be connected to the website,keywords. So make sure you address this and all links and buttons are text-based. It is difficult to understand this but it is important to know that how it can worked and help in the process the ranking and traffic of page. It is ahelpful way for becoming seo friendly with wbsites.

4: URL’s and Filenames.

How to make seo a friendly website, URL’s and filename are very important for seo to become friendly with websites , it’s a quick way of ranking the webpage and traffic.URL and the filename are the best for the ranking of page. It also helps in the seo to make the visibility. It is good for the use of images and descriptive keywords . A good filename can help us to described the difference between the images.

5: Websites images.

How to make seo a friendly websites , Images play a important role in the Search Engine Optimization. It’s a need of seo to optimize the images , for the visibility of the images. Try to keep your images’ file size as small as possible so mobile visitors in addition to those with slow internet connections can get the same intended, fast experience. You should select the image size relevant to the image. After selecting the image , place the image with a filename in save place.

6: Social Media.

How to make seo a friendly website , It helps in SEO , you to make the strong relation and also help to build the strong relation . It builds the strong community for the high ranking . Linking is the best way to share the contents with users and build the strong , social media can provide an organization with an affordable channel that accomplishes results.

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These are the some important and useful ways of making SEO friendly with websites.