How to Track and Measure the SEO Results

How to Track and Measure the SEO Results.


How to Track and Measure the SEO Results.

The important element in seo is the ability that based on actual results. Here are the five ways of  How to Track and Measure the SEO Results.

1: Search Engine Share of referring visits.

Every month, keep track of the contribution of each traffic source for your site, including:

1: Direct Navigation: Typed in traffic, bookmarks, email links without tracking codes, etc.

2: Referral Traffic: From links across the web or in trackable email, promotional, and branding campaign links.

3: Search Traffic: Queries that sent traffic from any major or minor web search engine.

2; Search Engine Refferrals .

Three major engines make up the 90% of the all traffic search in US by using Google , Bing allaince . In most of the countries the traffic ranking is 80% in the page. .

Here are the some useful ways of traffic,

1: Compare performance vs market share.

2: Compare visibility into potential drops.

3: Uncover strategic value.

3 : Visits referred by the specif search engine terms and phrases.

Those keywords which send the traffic on the other piece of your analytical pie. If you want to track your business then you should use the perfect keywords for the content . You may also find value in tracking search referral counts for terms outside the top terms and phrases—those that are most valuable to your business.

4: Conversions rate by search query.

When your business will bring down then just a few matters will be important for the high ranking . From this information you can do  these things ,

1: Checking your website ranking , we see that we can rank only the 4% of the seo tools . It can be worked for the improvement of lead conversation.

2: Our analytics will tell about the page in which the visitors are landing such as ( this we can focus on the the visitors.

5: Numbers of the pages receiving atleast one visit from the search engines.

With the number of pages that we receive from the search engine are very important for the traffic and for the seo page . From this number we can gat a glimps into indexation, here are the numbers of the pages that can help in the ranking of website . While other analytics data points are of great importance, those mentioned above should be universally applied to get the maximum value from your SEO campaigns.

These are the some strong points that will help you in the tracking and measure the seo results.