How To Verify The Facebook Page In Pakistan

How To Verify The Facebook Page In Pakistan.


How To Verify The Facebook Page In Pakistan.

We all know that Facebook is a social media network and it is very famous in all the country. It is also used for the business purposes. It gives the opportunity to all of us that we all can contact one another such as friends , family, and old class fellow on the platform. It’s a best way for all the people who want to stay in contact with one another . In starting facebook is just operated on the browsers but now it is easily available on tablet , PC, window and Mac.

How To Verify The Facebook Page In Pakistan. Facebook is a communication network . Many businessman used the facebook account for the high traffic of website. The best and easy way to get more traffic on the website is to getting more likes and more followers on the facebook . Anyone can make a personal profile and and make a page , group and much more. Facebook is best for other websites such as pages and groups. People can  create the  facebook  page to get more traffic on their blogger , website.

How to create a Facebook Page?

Facebook  has only four type of pages or profiles that are given below

1: Celebrities

2: Journalists

3: Government Officials

4: Popular Brand or Businesses.

How to verify Facebook Page?

First of all you have to create a page then after creating the page the process that all the people want to know that hoe to verify the Facebook page . Here are the two ways to for the verification of Facebook Page.

1: First step is that you have your own official website of your Facebook fan page .

2: And the other is for page’s that don’t have any official website.

Here are the some easy ways for the verification of page.

1: Click on the link . This links contains a form that need to be filled.

2: Then you should select the  required Facebook page from the select dropdown box.

3: If you don’t have the official website for the page that you have to be attach ID proofs by clicking “choose files”.

4;  In  the case of having official website of your Facebook fan page ,  then you have to submit the link.

5; After fulfilling the basic requirements as described above, click on  the send button.

6: After a short time, you will get a mail from Facebook that your Facebook page is verified.

Why it is important to verify Facebook page?

How To Verify The Facebook Page In Pakistan. There are a big difference between the verified and non-verified Facebook page . The reason behind the verification of facebook page is more than the not verified page. Because the people follow the verified pages . The sign of verification is the blue colored tick on the page that shows that your credibility is increased . It allows the more people to follow your page.

If your page is verified than it means you can get the more likes more traffic and traffic in the websites . So its my advice to all of you that if your facebook page is still non verified that you have to verified your page by using those steps that are given above.