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30 Apr

About to Build Your Own Website? Think Again

Just because you can – does not mean you should!

If everything in the world could be done by one’s self, the DIY phenomenon would have all the businesses collapsed a long time ago. Yet, you cannot negate the relative ease and opportunities it has afforded people over time. Whether it is a craft, health, and beauty, food, gardening, etc., DIY assistance is empowering people all around the world.

The problem arises when you end up blurring lines between ‘you can’ and ‘you should’. Especially when it comes to establishing an influential digital presence for your business. A well-built and highly optimized website is crucial to having the thriving online footprints which render the decision of opting for a DIY route or hiring the professional web design more critical than you might think.

It is clear that you simply cannot proceed without a compatible website whether you have an online business idea or legacy business plan. What is still vague though, is the option you should go along with where nobody but you can make a decision.

What we can do is weigh the DIY approach against professional web development for you to know the benefits and downsides of each mechanism.

DIY vs Professional Web Development

Although, the constant battle between your start-up cost and your budget amplifies the temptation of using online website building tools like that of GoDaddy, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, etc. The funny thing is that most of these companies offering website builders have professional web development agencies behind their platforms as well. For the boost in traffic and click contribution is enhanced by 113 to 117%if the website is optimized by a professional web development agency.

Nonetheless, handing over the complete job of website development to a professional web agency is one of the most expensive options that roughly range from $7,500 to $100,000. Of course, the cost, for the most part, depends on the value you intend to extract from your website and expensively built sites have unlimited possibilities and features.

The question is, what good are these possibilities and features if they are not within reach of more than half of consumers? Well, it would have gone to waste if not for some web design agencies that have economy web design packages to support your start-up and business dreams.

Difference between builder & Professional Websites

Website builders like GoDaddy or Wix etc., are a go-to option for small businesses or startups that have an exceedingly limited budget. It is perfect chemistry where you are getting to hold on to as many cuts as possible and website builders getting to provide numerous cheap and appealingly solutions.

What makes DIY websites even more popular is the fact that you do not need any coding experience to use drag and drop kind of user-friendly features. A website builder has got you covered with essentials from setting up domain to launching average website through page editor. But that is about it! Nothing more or nothing less. No SEO, no prompt support – technical or otherwise, and no foolproof security.

These barest requisites make up for the whole package that does leave you with a website but one which lays in anonymity with zero visibility. The invisibility naturally leads to zero results in terms of sales or any other objective.

On the other hand, the professionally built websites come equipped with end-to-end solutions that bridge the gap between having no idea whatsoever to having governance and compliance controlled fully functional websites that can effectively take your business to unmeasurable success.

A reliable web developer takes care of the whole process while also keeps you well involved in every step of the way. The professionally built website reflects your aspirations and business motives without any concerns about visibility, performance, support, or security. The affordable web design agencies offer various economy web design packages to provide you with the best of experience within quite a reasonable pricing.

Website Builder

SEO Compatibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) derives the success of any given website. For there is hardly any point in launching the top of the range website if people don’t know about its existence. SEO compatibility ensures that your website is adequately visible in the results of various search engines.

The main reason why website builders lag behind professional web development is that all they offer in the name of SEO are some substandard tools. Although, they can serve to get you started these bare minimums cannot take you to the marketing visibility which is necessary for the success of your website and business. If you want complementary plug-ins to balance the default SEO platform, you will have to pay the extra cost.

The professional web design agencies integrate SEO strategies into the development and content design stage in absolute collaboration with your requirements.  Professional web developers are highly qualified individuals who understand the significance of visibility for you to achieve your website objectives. They are aware of all the latest updates and changes in search algorithms or overall SEO space to make your website compliant to ever-changing search standards.

Cost Analysis

The builder websites naturally do not cost much for minimal support in the form of a starter kit that is sufficient to develop and launch a website Skelton. It’s a big price adding the value of your time and effort for a platform that has very limited options and that you cannot own.

The payment starts from domain registration to monthly payment yet builder websites do not allow domain customization which partially taints your reputation as a serious business.

The professional website development service does cost you way more than website builders simply due to the level of liberty it provides for customization on your website. The cost of a professionally built website is an investment for the expansion of your business.

The $15 to $60 monthly packages of builder website may seem attractive but a quick analysis of liberties and limitation between both web development mechanisms is enough to ensure that a greatly customizable and SEO compatible website built by a professional developer is more than your money’s worth. Affordable does not have to mean without quality, particularly if there are affordable web design options in the form of several economy packages to support even a small startup project.


DIY websites are essentially seemingly an affordable no-brainer. Especially to those who are new to the digital world and intend to have any type of online presence in no time. It makes DIY websites good in theory while the professionally built websites provide highly optimized implementation to achieve your business objectives. You need to spend way above the builder website to get your website professionally built but several web design agencies are changing that for good.

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