Key Marketing Strategies for Moving Companies

02 Apr
Marketing Strategies

Key Marketing Strategies for Moving Companies

Moving is a multi-billion dollar industry. Let that information sink in for a while. With so much money on the table, the sudden appearance of so many moving companies is completely reasonable. Except, there’s only one problem – an oversaturated market. How do you stand out from the competition which is getting bigger by the minute and how do you let people know you are running a serious business? By employing some key marketing strategies that will get your business the attention it deserves! Yes, you will have to have a unique and aesthetically-appealing business website – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will have to go out for your way to convey your message to people (the message being that your moving company is the right one for their needs). And you can do it in seven different ways!

One of the key marketing strategies deals with maintaining a pristine reputation

Well, as pristine as possible! How many times have you looked up products/services before buying them, and how many times were you deterred after reading negative comments? And you can feel free to forget about word-of-mouth recommendations! These days, everything is happening in the online environment. So, what’s your job in the process?

You will really want to target websites other people trust. By being a fan-favorite on websites such as Angie’s List and Yelp, you would not only succeed in promoting your business but also increase the visibility of your website. With more website traffic coming your way, you can rest assured you won’t be lacking new clients!

Your website is your best means of self-promotion

What is a website if not the face of your moving company? It’s the place people will visit when looking for additional information about your business, and it’s the place that should promote your services in all their glory. That being said, you should consider your website as your main means of marketing. Make sure it’s informative, user-friendly, and fully functional at all times. Indeed, professional web development is something you should work on from the very beginning.

Above all, you have to make sure the content you are presenting is worth everyone’s time. But be careful – writing informative content is much harder than it seems. If done right, it will be one of the key marketing strategies for your business. But if done wrong, it might be the last nail in the coffin when it comes to your future success!

Focus on local SEO

SEO is a topic that could have us talking for days. If you are new to the world of SEO and you are a moving company owner, there’s one crucial thing you must know – focus on local SEO. Having a good ranking for strong keywords that apply to local services will do wonders for your business! Of course, this marketing tactic does take a lot of time to develop and plan.

You will have to spend some time immersed in target research, and you might even have to spend your days learning about SEO tactics. But once the new clients start pouring in because your company was the second search result after they typed in ‘moving company New York (insert any other location here)’ you can rest assured you will be more than happy you spent your time learning all about this useful marketing tactic. Or if you don’t feel like putting your time and effort toward learning the secrets of the trade, just hire professional SEO services. This investment is usually worth it.

We completely understand your desire not to spend any money at all. But you have to be realistic – how much can you really expect to grow your business if you spend virtually no money toward making it happen? When it comes to key marketing strategies that will have a huge impact on a large number of people all over the world, you’ll hardly be able to find anything that will work better than paid ads. More precisely, focus on geo-targeting.

Ask yourself whether it pays off to invest in marketing for people in Alabama when you are living and working in Ohio. That won’t have any positive effect on your business other than getting more people familiar with your existence. And that won’t mean much if there are no new customers walking through your doors.

If you are keen on free marketing strategies, look no further than social media

After all, when was the last time you met a person who didn’t have at least one social media profile? Being active on different social media platforms and having a business account on them should be a mandatory step for any business owner! It’s the perfect means of connecting you with potential clients and building up your customer base. But be careful – if you want to utilize the key marketing strategies, you’ll have to do it right. In terms of social media, that means posting valuable content, starting new debates, and interchanging opinions. Moreover, it also requires frequent updates and spam-free content.

In case that seems like too much for you, then we have some good news – you can hire a professional to help you out. These days, social media managers can be found on every corner, so there’s no excuse for having an outdated profile.

There’s nothing people love more than the referral programs

With an average American moving multiple times during their lifetime, chances are that you already have someone in your inner circle who has moved with the help of a great moving company. And let’s say that the company in question is your own! There are times during the year when the business will be slow. During those times, every customer will count! And one of the best ways to lure in new customers is by offering a referral program.

Think about it – let’s say a person is contemplating two moving companies. If they are of the same quality, it’s logical that the person in question would opt for the company that offers a discount. Your job is to make sure that the company that wins is the one you are in charge of.

The best marketing for your business is your good reputation

At the end of the day, the thing that will bring you the most business is trust – the trust people have in your movers, and your services. You could employ all the key marketing strategies and it would still mean nothing if you don’t have the trust of your targeted audience. You have to remember that trust is a fragile thing – you can spend years building it, only to lose it in one moment of negligence. We’ll leave you with that thought to ponder on!


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