MilesWeb Review (2021) – Brief About Web Hosting Expert

04 Feb
Miles Web

MilesWeb Review (2021) – Brief About Web Hosting Expert

No doubt too many people are concerned about knowing MilesWeb hosting company, as it is recommended by some of the well known and trusted hosting review companies. Especially you consider WordPress power you can always consider MilesWeb as worth checking.

MilesWeb’s popularity speaks its volume of features and services offered with every web hosting plan. The company always believed in providing maximum service at minimum cost.

Let’s see how it is possible for them to offer such great service within every common person’s range.

Brief About MilesWeb

In 2012, the company was started with the thought of providing the best of hosting at a cheap price as compared to other providers. It was founded by three hosting experts that are working in the field for decades.

They started the company to make sure that every blogger should get an opportunity to display their talent to the world. Thus, they came up with an affordable shared hosting plan at just Rs.40/month.

And now, thousands of companies trust them for their best windows hosting, shared, WordPress, dedicated and cloud hosting services along with superior support.

What do people say about MilesWeb?

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100% Useful Features Guaranteed

(i) Very Cheap

As said, the shared hosting plan starts at just Rs.40/month and unlimited web hosting comes at just Rs.130/month and Rs.170/month. These plans are named Tyro, Swift, and Turbo respectively, whereas the latter two offer free domain names for a lifetime. The plan also offers unlimited MySQL databases and Email accounts.

(ii) Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates encrypt the data transmitted between the server and any website interacting with it. This ensures that all data remains secure and visitors can browse the sites without any danger of theft. SSL certificate also improves the performance of a site on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

(iii) Global Datacenters

Datacenter location decides your website’s ranking location too. Suppose if you have a website hosted in India and have a business based in India, then the website gets rank higher on search engines and not the site hosted on an overseas server. That is why it is always recommended to choose the datacenter location situated near your business. MilesWeb provides you an option to select the datacenter location from India, the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, during the sign-up process.

(iv) Free Migration

Migrating a site from one server to another is very time consuming and requires thorough knowledge of all technical aspects. Thus, MilesWeb does the migration of your site onto their server for free, and that too with a guarantee of no data loss.

(v) 1 click Installer

Softaculous in MilesWeb hosting plans allows users to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. within clicks. So that you can just upgrade the site as per your wants in order to withstand in the highly competitive world.

(vi) PHP and MySQL

The latest versions of software keep the website away from threats and bugs caused by cybercriminals. All plans from MilesWeb come with the latest version of PHP and MySQL software and they get the upgrade automatically even after their purchase.

(vii) Protection from Virus

You never know, when your site can get hacked or attacked by viruses or any kind of malware. Thus, MilesWeb experts scan all their servers on a regular basis and protect all the sites from getting infected.

(viii) Email Accounts

Under any web hosting account, the user can create various email accounts. These email accounts can be used on a professional front for the business. For example, a business can have different email id as per the departments like marketing, info, sales, etc.

All these features are available with all types of web hosting services from MilesWeb.

They offer :

  • Shared hosting –

Where your website gets hosted on a server along with multiple other websites. This is the basic hosting plan and can easily take your website, or a personal blog on the internet.

This type of resource sharing plan is very perfect for individuals who are just starting their business or having a small business or eCommerce store.

  • VPS hosting

VPS hosting means having your own server space. In this type of hosting multiple sites do share the same server but each of them gets separate resources. So websites never fall short of storage spaces and other resources during their time on the internet. VPS hosting is known as a combination of shared and dedicated hosting and is always used as an upgrade option for shared hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting a server is divided into different parts, and a single website gets hosted on each part. Hence, the name is dedicated as sites get separate server space with resources. Most medium-size businesses prefer dedicated hosting. It is also considered a good choice for websites that have sensitive information like employees’ or customer’s details.

Cloud hosting, Magento hosting, Reseller hosting are other types offered by MilesWeb. You can know more about all these plans by directly visiting their site.

Conclusion :

After using MilesWeb services for a year now, I am able to suggest their services. The company works 24/7 for its customers and provides 99.95% Uptime with 30 days money-back guarantee policy.


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