MilesWeb Review – The Most Reliable Web Hosting Provider

18 Sep

MilesWeb Review – The Most Reliable Web Hosting Provider

MilesWeb has a long history of being a reliable web hosting provider. In this MilesWeb hosting review, we’ll show you how good their customer service is, how fast and dependable their servers are, and how well they gear for growing websites.


Many web server businesses we’ve dealt with have taught us how to differentiate one from the other hosts. Fortunately, this company strikes all the accurate notes. One of the things about this business that never ceases to astound us is its dedication to providing excellent customer service.


We’ve thrown a lot of difficulties at their customer service staff, and they’ve always come up with the perfect answer.


Take a look at some of the services provided by this business:


When we did our initial hosting study, we knew that this was a step above the others and that their servers would be an outstanding pick. 


Web hosting plans by MilesWeb for shared hosting:


Intern, Master, and Expert are the three web hosting plans provided by MilesWeb. The Intern plan is the most basic plan, and the Master plan is the high-end shared hosting Singapore plan.


The Intern plan provides 1 Website Hosting, Free Domain, 1GB SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softaculous, Free SSL Certificate, 10 Email Accounts, 3 MySQL DB’s.


The Master plan provides 1 Website Hosting, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softaculous, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL DB’s, GIT Access, SSH Access.


The Expert plan provides Unlimited Website Hosting, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel + Softaculous, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL DB’s, GIT Access, SSH Access, 250000 Inodes.

Pricing Plans

Let’s have a look at a few of the specs and features provided by MilesWeb.


Almost all other accounts have access to significantly faster Solid State Drives (SSDs).


A high level of uptime means your website will never be unavailable. With server snapshot, you can take a snapshot of your present functioning state before making significant modifications to your server. It will be possible to revert to a state if something goes wrong.


The resource monitoring dashboard lets you know if you’re running low on resources, and it does just that.


Available RAM (4GB | 6GB | 8GB) – Most large sites require a lot of RAM to work well.


For sites with a lot of traffic or downloads, knowing their bandwidth limitations won’t be exceeded is essential.


Fault-tolerant disc space – your discs won’t go down even if they fail, and there’s enough capacity for all the files you may require.

You get a free domain name when you buy any of the web hosting services.


Thanks to the free SSL certificates that come with each plan and are powered by Let’s Encrypt scripts, all of your domains are protected when it comes to SSL certificates (essential if you plan to have such stuff as SSL certificates or any other need for static IPs, you typically only get 1 dedicated IP with most VPS accounts), cPanel License for the Whole Year. No restrictions on the number of domains or websites you can have. CentOS 6 based computer system


Pricing of all the Plans


Sometimes, the pricing structure prevents us from really adopting such a boosted server setup, even if basic things like the performance increase from a shared server are well worth the money invested.


These are excellent accounts. If you’re serious about growing your business, MilesWeb is a great option.


They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the plan or service. 


Pricing of plans on a three-year plan subscription:

The Intern plan costs $1.2/mo.

The Master plan costs $3/mo.

The Expert plan costs $3.6/mo.


Note: On a three-year plan subscription, you get a 76% off on all the hosting plans.


Pricing of plans on a one-year plan subscription:

The Intern plan costs $2.5/mo.

The Master plan costs $6.25/mo.

The Expert plan costs $7.5/mo.


Pricing of plans on a monthly plan subscription:

The Intern plan costs $5/mo.

The Master plan costs $12.5/mo.

The Expert plan costs $15/mo.


All the web hosting plans are reasonably priced, even those at the very top. Given the wide range of features they provide, we feel the rates for their services are outstanding and cheap. For example, if your firm relies on eCommerce, this would be an inexpensive price to pay.


The control Panel


MilesWeb’s capabilities and functionalities are incorporated in the cPanel.


cPanel, the standard web-based control panel software, is used to manage most services after you get past the administrative interface. cPanel hosting offers a wide range of powerful control options you’re undoubtedly aware of. Most of the functionality may be managed using the cPanel.


You may upload and manage files for your website, build MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, make backups, set up FTP accounts for remote access, create domains or subdomains, set up email accounts, and do other administrative activities.


The Best Customer Support


We have found a significant difference in the quality of customer service when using MilesWeb.

If you own a business, you know how essential customer service is.


Even if you don’t use it very frequently, when you do, you’ll want to be sure you get top-notch service because something is almost always wrong with your setup, and you want immediate attention.


Rather than trying to follow a troubleshooting script, they’ve been taught. The people that assist you when you run into difficulties know what they’re talking about. This always guides you to the solution to your issue.


The company’s enormous knowledge base is also critical. MilesWeb’s knowledge base is so extensive that if you’ve ever used Google to fix your computer, you’ve probably come across their knowledge-based articles.


In addition, each knowledgebase article is a forum-like page. This lets individuals ask questions, and the staff will respond on that thread, so you can find a solution from others who have experienced it firsthand.


Fastest Response Times


A complex configuration like this indicates that you care a lot about the health of your website. And as a result, you will encounter problems requiring the assistance of customer service.


We evaluate the quality of customer service provided by every hosting provider with whom we come into contact.


In the first place, the quality of their work is unmatched. There are answers to frequent difficulties in the support knowledge base whether you operate a Joomla or WordPress website. This indicates the quality of the content is the finest in the industry.


Long wait times are the last thing you want when you are having problems and need to call customer service. There have only been a few instances where we’ve had to wait more than a minute. Most of the time, we’re able to talk with someone within seconds.


The employees aren’t just interns who answer the same old phone calls all day. These are professionals that have received extensive training and are up-to-date on the latest trends. The staff at this company is very technical, thus the assistance we received on chats was appreciated.


Most importantly in my opinion, if we require assistance, we turn to Live Chat.


Final Verdict


As a whole, we’re quite pleased with the hosting services provided by MilesWeb. As a result, we don’t have to touch anything or worry about performance, backups, security, or any of the other things we’re used to worrying about on the site.


Looking for a hosting solution that is both inexpensive and high-performing while still being completely secure? Look no farther than MilesWeb’s hosting options.



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