Getting to Know the Scope of Digital Marketing

06 May
Scope of Digital Marketing

Getting to Know the Scope of Digital Marketing

Understanding the scope of Digital Marketing, particularly in India, would help you in deciding to build a career in it. The purpose of this blog is to acquaint you with the scope of Digital Marketing, by taking into consideration the various aspects. You will thus get an idea regarding the future of Digital Marketing in India 2020 and beyond.

With brands have begun to realize the importance of Digital Marketing, they have increasingly started to focus on Digital Marketing which has led to a serious demand for Digital Marketing skills, thus expanding its scope in the current market space. A range of career choices and a higher pay scale are the salient benefits of a Digital Marketing career.

  • Scope of Digital Marketing in terms of career options

Here is one field that offers a variety of career pathways for those belonging to it, and mind you that each one of these is equally promising if not more. One can enjoy a bright career by going for anyone amongst these,

  • A job in the industry with the option to choose from a variety of specialist job profiles
  • Offer freelancing services
  • Turn into a professional blogger
  • Be a YouTuber
  • Have your agency
  • Make Affiliate Marketing & AdSense as your source of income
  • Start a Drop Shipping business
  • Scope in terms of the number of jobs offered

If one takes a look at the statistics, Digital Marketing is one industry that is booming globally, in the true sense of the word. Going a few years back, as many as 8 lakh jobs were offered in the first quarter of 2017. The very next year, i.e. in 2018, ‘Naukri’ which happens to be India’s largest job portal, listed 13000 job opportunities in the first quarter itself!

Jobs Available in Digital Marketing On 15472 jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs Available On Times Jobs :

The USA alone had generated a whopping close to 50,000 qualitative Digital Marketing jobs in 2017. The trend has continued since then. With the arrival of 2020, it is estimated that more than 20 lakh jobs will be generated in India alone!!! This is sufficient to make the aspirants aware of the abundant scope of Digital Marketing in 2020, and in the years to come.

To become eligible for such a huge number of job opportunities by acquiring the necessary skills, join the best one amongst the various Digital Marketing Courses in Pune or elsewhere. Digital Trainee has on offer one.

  • Salary scope in Digital Marketing

There is probably no better field than Digital Marketing, for a highly paid career. Here is a field that consists of one of the highest-paid job profiles. According to Google, the national average salary of a senior Digital Marketing manager in India happens to be as high as Rs. 447, 346, while in the United States it is $95,415. In addition to this, the average pay in this field tends to rise by at least 30% each year!!!

When demand is more than the supply, price but increases. That’s exactly the case with Digital Marketing. The industry offers a handsome salary to the right talent as it is hard to find. Although the amount could differ organization wise and from place to place, a fresher can easily get a package of around 2 lakhs per annum. As always, the pay scale increases with experience and higher designation.

When it is about salary, Digital Marketing has lots to offer.

After focusing on important aspects like career/job opportunities and salary that define the scope of any field, we will now turn our attention towards some of the vital factors that have resulted in the massive growth and increased scope of this particular field….

  • Flexible nature

Digital Marketing is an industry with an extremely open and accepting culture. There are several sub-branches and therefore several job profiles too. Also, it offers a complete range of career options (as discussed above). The best thing being since the work takes place over the internet, the place is flexible as well. All that is needed is an excellent internet connection. It is that easy! So overall, Digital Marketing provides flexibility in terms of the choices one can make. More than any other field.

  • Higher ROI with low investment

As compared to traditional marketing, the cost of each lead in case of inbound or Digital Marketing is 61% less expensive. Businesses that advertise with the help of social media, deploy digital strategies such as paid search, etc. that require considerably less expenditure. That’s because most use the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies to cut down the costs and focus on their specific audiences. To summarize, their ROI is not just higher but speedier as well.

  • Better and easy audience targeting

Using Digital Marketing, marketers can make use of the data to reach the target audiences in a better and easier manner in light of factors like education age, etc. Likewise, the retargeting of potential customers who already know your brand is also possible using various techniques and messages.

So, looking for professional training in Digital Marketing?

Digital Trainee’s Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai is the place where you will get a solid foundation for a career in this field that has a high potential and a huge scope.


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