Social mapping app – new opportunities and new perspectives of contact with the community

17 Nov

The world of social media is definitely a virtual reality that almost everyone wants to belong to. Many people share their memories and important moments in their lives in this instant way. There may be many reasons for this — the desire to stay in touch with family and friends, or the need to increase your popularity and inform others about your new achievements or developing hobbies. Now the social media level goes to the next level and allows you to publish posts using a social mapping app. Find out how it works!

  • Social mapping app — what is it?
  • Everything is under control — decide what information you share with others!

Social mapping app — what is it?

The publishing process is very simple. Just select a map and decide what information will be placed on it. However, this is not ordinary content. For this purpose, small graphics that may resemble emojis are used. This visual form is then placed in a selected location on the map. After clicking on it, you can get additional information, your own thoughts, photos, an important date, etc. Thanks to this, you can share what is currently happening with you in a very attractive and attention-grabbing way.

Thanks to the social mapping app, you can find out what is currently happening on the other side of the globe or very close to you — literally around the corner.

The big advantage of such an application is the ability to choose the map that interests you the most. Perhaps the information there will inspire you to try new things and activities? It is also an ideal way to find people who share hobbies, interests, and passions in order to start cooperation or friendship with them.

Everything is under control — decide what information you share with others!

The big advantage of such a social mapping app is the ability to control what information you want to share with others. You can also add and edit individual fields. Therefore, you do not have to fill out all the predefined fields, but decide yourself which information will be made public to other users of the application.

As a user, you also have the opportunity to create new maps yourself and personalise them. You can refill them at any time. Maps are updated continuously, so you and others can view their content in real time, without unnecessary delays.

How to use social mapping app? You can use such an application to distribute your blog posts, increase the number of volunteers for your projects, inform about the latest events in a given field and promote yourself in a community that shares the same interests.

You can therefore experience your presence in the world of social media, but at a higher, better level.


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