Types Of Websites

Types Of Websites


Websites contain all those information which is pure and beneficial for us. There are many types of websites .

1: Personal Website.

Its a type of website. It’s a offer that a internet service provider or domain register with free server so that you should create your own website , it requires a online support and also family support such as family photos and online dairy. It contains the webadress such as (URL) for example www. my-ipm.com/my-users-name/. It’s a useful side for family , youngers and grandfamily. Its not helpful for the small business because the search engine doesn’t accept it friendly.

2: Photo Sharing Website.

It also a type of website. This website is used for the cropping such as fleas and dog. Here are many web sites such as Flickr.com , Photosite.com , and Google’s Picasa. It offers the free websites on photos for online advertising. It helps to create the digital photos. Now we have the smartphones to subscribe this app.

3: Writers / Authors Websites.

It also a type of SEO. It is also a type of the websites and is used for the publishing of business. The platform of websites include the , website, Facebook , blogging , Twitter , and old fashioned mail list.
Writers website include the biography , acatalog on the books , from the works , these links are to be published on the sites of Amazon.com , its a link for the writer blogging ,comments and reviews . You can get the idea, and can used this to build a followers , and a fan base that will published in futue.

4: Community Building Website.

It contain 3 types of websites.
1: Social Websites 2: Forum Websites 3: Sharing Websites
This side is basically used for the build a online community . The most important website type is the FaceBook.com and also the Linkedin.com , don’t forget the old MySpace.com its important to mention it.

5: Mobile Device Websites.

In this type we can used mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, watches. It become ambitious. But there is a problem that it is a standard websites and its difficult to view it and sometimes it can take a long time for downloading , some devices have the small screens and wireless connections , If you have a small business and you want benefit from it on your mobile devise, so you should consider a investigating for the possibilities and creating a mobile device and friendly site.

6: Blogging Websites.

Types of websites, Nowadays blogs have been taken over the Internet , the owner of websites should log-on daily, weekly, or , whenever he want , and can write on that which is going on in her lives , or , business, and should be commented on the politics and news site. Its a important type of websites.

7: Informational Websites.

What are the types of websites? It’s a unique website , it gives the permission to the members for contribution and the editing of articles. Small business can not work like a comprehensive site , do you want to know the information of share and sell , Suppose that you have a business of landscaping , then you can make a website in which all the listed plants are defined. It can be helpful for the people, and you can use it for leading the people. You can “hybrid” the site by using an e-commerce feature, a forum, or even photo sharing. Its a important type of website.

8: Online Business Brochure/Catalog Websites.