What is Google Hummingbird.

What is Google Hummingbird.

What is Google Hummingbird. It is a search algorithm used by the Google. It was started in August 30,2013 and the change was announced on september 26. Its a new platform of searching . It comes from the precise and fast and its designed is very better from others. It describes the meaning of that are behind on the words.


Its a paying attention query in the word , make sure  that the whole query and the whole sentence, conversation,  meaning  is taken into account ,  particular words. It is the goal of that  pages which are  match and give  the meaning better , rather than pages matching just a few word.

It  is designed to apply the meaning technology of  billions of pages from across the web ,  in addition to Knowledge Graph facts, which may bring back better result. It contains all the important concepts of semantics, and meanings of words.

Semantics search is the improvement search of concepts that can use by the users of internet they can find the result of everything that they want and any other information of wider sense. This search will  focus on  the determination  that  a user means , or  a string of keywords ,  and then serving relevant results.

Google Hummingbird and the Knowledge Graph.

It tells us that how many searches are performed in a day, It presented the links that contains the numerous pages on which you can gt the best answers , Its a slow process for the users so Google will introduce the Hummingbrid for  the quick search. It contains the simple and pure answers for the links and users . Here are the knowledge graph of google hummmingbird that is very powerful. It helps the users in providing the answers to the users without forcing them to leave SERP.

Google Hummingbird and SEO.

It is a very simple process , even a simple computer do this . Here are the some useful ways to use it.
Diversify the Length of Your Content
Produce Visual Content
Use Topic-Appropriate Language
Implement schema microdata
SEO will provide the better contents for the conversation ,Hummingbird adds more strength to long-tailed keywords—effectively catering to the optimization of content rather than just keywords.