What is Google Panda.

What is Google Panda.


What is Google Panda. Google panda is the change in the ranking algorithm .  It is  inevitable. It was released in February 2011.It contains a large amount of advertising in it. It is highly affected on the ranking of social media. Its a low quality ranking site.

Benefits of panda .

1: Separate out low quality content.

2: Focus on low quality content.

3: Concentrate on the clout and authority.

4: Keep advertising ratio healthy.

Ranking Factors of Panda updates.

1: Its a low quality site that turns into high quality site.

2: It is used to for the Google Algorithm.

3: It is helpful for the social media sites.

4: It creates the inbound links and the reference queries.

5: The ratio of this is used for creating the site modification.

6: It  affects on  the ranking of entire site or a specific section rather than just the individual pages on a site.

7: Its a poor or low quality content.

Panda Updates.

For the first two years, Google Panda’s updates were rolled out about once a month, but Google stated in March 2013 that future updates would be integrated into the algorithm and would therefore be less noticeable and continuous.

It is also known as farmer update. It brings the high quality products and content for the top ranking.