what is google search quality guidelines

what is google search quality guidelines.


what is google search quality guidelines. Google has updated the search quality guidelines with a mobile a big focus for its human testers.

Content quality.

Its a great ton for the insight area. we all know that Google can be consider poor when it comes to content .
 “We will consider content that are of low quality if it is created without any adequate of time, effort, expertise, or talent/skill.” It is also known that if your content should be neat and worldwide. It will provides a warning about user-generated content, through adds a caveat: “For example some unusual hobbies,and the most expert advice may exist on blogs, forums , and other user-generated content websites.”

The playing field is not actually level.

It can make a distinction  between professional and amateur websites, from a web design perspective.

“We are making very different standards for pages on large , professionally-produced for business websites so that they can make for small amateur, hobbyist, or personal websites. These  type of pages are well design and level of professionalism we can expect for a large online store is very different than what we can be expressed for a small local business website.”

Advertising and UX.

Our users of experience can says that their guide will be pours scorn on some of the more low-rent advertising techniques, such as those horrendous in-text ads.

“Popover ads (the words that are double underlined in blue) can make the main content that are very difficult to read, resulting in a poor user experience.”

It will warns us for large ads “pushing down the main content” and “highly distracting” content units labelled ‘Top Posts & Pages’, where there is a lack of clarity as to whether these are ads or supplementary content.