What Is Local SEO.

What is local seo?


We all want to know that What Is Local SEO? Its the seo that has grown significantly all over the last few years , and  particularly given the rise of smartphone usage and better connectivity while out and about.

Why is it important to be visible in Google Maps?

What is local seo?It is important for the website that they can be appear in the google business , It should be appear on the page of Google, so that people will get your information and can contact you. It happend that mostly people already know about your business , but they didnt know about your contact number. If you want that your website build a setup, then your whole data can be find on the search engine. Google will shows theGoogle Map or a 7-pack for these type of searches ,  so it’s a  great importance that your business is listed there.Google often shows a Google Map or a 7-pack for these kind of searches, so it’s of great importance that your business is listed there. Google  page will make  your contact information , opening hours, address and contact details are complete. In fact itwill make the whole profile complete.

When creating a Google+ Local page ensure you do the following:

1. What is local seo Optimise the information copy about the business by referencing keywords.

The Google page  should enter the brand name, the keyword that are targeted and also location too. It can be possible to achieve it, without making  page or meta description that  come  to across as unnatural thing ,  the objective of  remains helps to optimise  both , users and search engines.

2. What is local seo? Reference with your keywords in the title .

Always add the reference keywords in the title.

3. Make sure that you associate your listing with the right category.

Choose the right category for your business.

4. Schema markup.

You should add the rich media for the customer relationship.

5. Add your address in a consistent format with wherever else you’ve mentioned it .

You should add the NAP (name, address, phone number) citations , are a key ranking factor in local SEO.

6. Encourage customers to leave reviews.

Reviews  ,are  the best local SEO ranking factor and are often used to compared the links in organic SEO.

Types of local seo.

1: On page local seo

2: Of page local seo