What is SEM.

What is SEM.


What is SEM.

In short “search engine marketing ,” SEM is mostly used to describe the immediate , money-backed portion for  search engine marketing which commonly takes in the  shape of PPC (pay-per-click)/CPC (cost-per-click) search engine results page ads in one form and  another.

In fact , when you enter the SEM track in  online marketing conference like SMX , you want to know  about Google AdWords , Bing Ads ,  (CPC and CPA) ,  and other more specific areas for the paid search advertising such as  retargeting ,  geotargeting and mobile targeting.

SEM is a broader term in  SEO.   SEO aims is  to provide the  better organic search results , the  uses of sem in  the search engines for  advertise on your website or business for the  Internet customers and send can send the  more targeted traffic for your Web site.

For example ,  when people use a search engine for the  query “fashion handbags”, the organic search engine results in  SEO technologies that can be  assist the Web site more visible.

Does SEM include in  SEO? It  depends on that who talk to you , but based on conversations with search industry professionals and are based on the definitions of industry leaders such as  Google , SMX , and Search Engine Land – in 2013 the industry at large commonly defines SEM as a paid search-focused specialty of online marketing.

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