SEO Tools

03 Nov

SEO Tools


What are SEO tools ? SEO is known as “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of making traffic from the organic , free and results on the web search engine to find better result. For the high ranking we used SEO tools which help us to making high traffic and ranking. You may like to read How much does SEO cost in the UK

The SEO tools are given below with categories,
1: SEM Rush Rocks
2: Free Firefox Extension
3: Free Web Based
4: List of Additional SEO tools by category

I: SEM Rush Rocks

You can rank your websites with the help of SEM Rush Rocks. You can use it in the Google and Bing for a high ranking competition. It helps you to choose the best keywords for your websites and content.

ii: Free Firefox Extensions

1: SEO tool bars (use for searching data)
2: Rank Checkers (Its a automatically track for ranking of Google , Yahoo and Bing)
3: SEO for Firefox (Use for compete the search data directly on the SEO)

iii: Free Web based SEO tools

1: Keyword suggestion tools (use for keyword suggestion)
2: Keyword list generation (use for comparing keywords)
3: Keyword list cleaner (clean the list of keywords)
4: Robots.txt tools (use for analyzing)
5: Meta tag Generator (generate the meta tags of web)
6: Server Header Checker ( check your headers)
7: Link Suggestion tools (suggest the keywords for weblinks)
8: Spider test tools (also used for search engine result)
9: Keyword Density Analyzers ( used to check the keywords density on web)
10: Page Comparison Tool ( compare your web page with keywords)
11: Ad group generator (generates the ad groups on the web sites to upload the Ad words)
12: Keyword Wrapper (Wrap the keywords)
13: Typo Generator ( generate misspelled keywords)

iv: List of additional SEO tools

1: Search analytic tools
2: Research tools
3: On-Page SEO audits
4: Competitive search tools
5: PPC tools
6: Link analysis tools

There are some free SEO tools that are also given below

Free SEO tools

1: CT metrix
2: Web developer tool bar
3: SEO quack toolbar
4: Hootsuite
5: Wayback machine
6: Chrome developer tools
7: Google trends
9: Bing web master tools
10: Google
11: Screaming frog
12: Google keywords planner
13: Moz

Most useful tools

1: Google extension toolbar
2: Goggle gadgets

6 Essential types of seo tools

1: Keywords analysis tools
2: Ranking
3: Content ideas
4; Link buildings
5: Link removal
6: Technical
These are the some unique and useful SEO techniques , From all of these categories we can break it all the tools into 3 types of all tools such as Free , Freemium and paid seo tools. These are the some esentiol and important tools of SEO that we can used for high ranking and traffic.


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