Whois Privacy

Domain Privacy

The international governing body for domain names is ICANN. ICANN have record of every domain registrar in It’s database that is publicly view able “WHOIS” database of ICANN that displays your personal detail information (including address, email and phone numbers) for every domain registered. Domain privacy protects all of your personal information and detail and no one can see your domain registration detail when he search in whois database.


What is Domain Privacy

It is the WHOIS policy of international governing body for domain names, that the personal information you mention when registering your domain is available to anyone who have access of internet and can use the internet. When you buy WHOIS privacy or domain privacy then all your personal information detail which you have provided during registration will be hide and the registration record show with company name from where you buy the domain. Your personal information remain private but you will have complete ownership and control of your domain.

Protect Your Personal Detail with Anonymous Domain Registration

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