Best Free OCR Tool to Extract Useful Information From an Image

11 Oct
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Top 5 Best Free OCR Tool to Extract Useful Information From an Image

Whether you work in an office or are a student, you may need to scan and edit the document. Optical character recognition is a tool that is very useful when you need a particular document to edit.

There was a time when people had to scan the document, but still, they have to re-write the document into the Tool to edit it according to their needs.

However, the time has changed since the OCR tool allowed professionals to edit their documents by scanning.
But what is the optical character recognition Tool and why is it used? This article will explain everything about the introduction and use of optical character recognition.

What is OCR and what is its use?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a modern technology for extracting text from images such as scanned documents or photos.

It can be used to convert the handwritten or printed document into a digital form that can be edited later.
Therefore, we can say that the OCR tool converts the document into a machine-readable format.

The tool became popular in the 1990s, but at that time the tool was not as efficient as it is in today’s world.
Moreover, it was usually used to convert the historical paper into digital. Over time, the OCR received many improvements and is now considered the best accuracy for recognition.

The use of OCR technology has made life very easy for business people or students due to efficient problem-solving.
OCR works fully on the intelligent algorithms that automatically function without human involvement.
The most important areas of application of OCR technology in today’s world are:

Digital conversion of documents

If you find old documents and want to edit or reuse them, do not go directly into the Tool.
This would take a lot of effort and could take hours to complete writing.

However, the OCR has allowed people to use their cameras or scanners to recognize the text and automatically convert it into machine-readable text.

Once the text is converted to the digital format by the OCR, the machine understands and you can edit the text to your liking. Before this technology, the only way to edit a document was to manually rewrite the content in the word processor.

Number recognition

Since we know that many countries in the world use the automatic challenge for traffic, and in this process, have you ever seen how the Tool recognizes the number of the car automatically? Of course, if the image recognition is used along with another smart technology.

Many of the companies use this technology for participation and through this, the employee simply puts his card in front of the scanner, where the system automatically recognizes the number.


In training, OCR has a wide range of uses, including scanning and job creation.

For example, if the student needs to complete the task through his or her books instead of manually copying and writing the material, he or she can use OCR technology to automatically convert it into an editable format.

In education, there are some other applications, such as teachers using the OCR tool to convert the books they write into the presentation format. You can also edit the material of the book through this tool.

Identification process

At airports, you may know that instead of entering data manually, much of the system has been converted to automated processes, thanks to OCR detection Tool.

When you go through immigration, you need to scan your passport, where the system automatically scans the number and your full record comes in front of the staff.

Likewise, many other departments simply use your identity card or passport to extract your entire portfolio and your travel history.

The best OCR tools for your use

Although there are a lot of OCR tools that are available for free, while some of them can also be downloaded and integrated with other applications, you should choose the most efficient tool because it can affect your work or conversion.

Efficient tools are those that can read any style and format of text and read the information in different languages.
However, below are some of the tools tested that are efficient.


Google Vision is the innovation in the form of the API introduced by the Google Cloud. It uses potential algorithms as well as a modern machine learning technology.

Not only the text, but this amazing tool is also able to recognize faces and different types of objects. In this way, this tool can be used to match two different faces in terms of security or for other purposes.

This is the most efficient because Google always uses advanced algorithms.


The image to text tool of Prepostseo is one of the most well-known in this area because it offers additional functions besides the precise conversion.

With the tool, you can convert the image by uploading or even pasting the link of the image in the toolbar.

best ocr tool

It only takes seconds to convert the image into the text, while it is completely free to use.

It can extract the text from the images of PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF. They don’t save your uploaded material in their database hence making their users safe.

OCR space is an Online Tool for instant conversion of images to text. This is a very fast tool that is normally used by students and teachers to convert their teaching materials.

OCR Space

You can upload any JPG or PDF files, while also providing URL extraction. It is a free tool that does not require registration or subscription to use it, although it also has no limitations.


The OCR has speeded up the process in many professions because manual work always takes time to complete.
We know that most business and school activities are carried out via the smartphone, and in this respect, there are several tools available in the Smartphone App Store that allow you to capture the document directly from your phone and convert it into editable text.


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