SEO Process

SEO Process

seo-processWhat is the SEO process? If you are new in the business of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , and want to know about the process of SEO for the purpose of increase the ranking in Google then you should get all knowledge about this from Process of SEO. It is impossible for getting high ranking on Google without applying and create proper SEO Business. Many companies fails in getting high ranking because they didn’t apply and follow the process of SEO and due to wrong strategy of SEO.

1: Google Search Algorithm

Those people who have not knowledge about the latest and updated things in SEO are in trouble in the field of SEO , SEO becomes more difficult for those people. The changes in the Search Engine Optimization in the search algorithm , become SEO is more difficult for those people who are not follow the rules of SEO , and not know about the updating of SEO rules and knowledge they think that online blogging and watching video is enough for high ranking and for SEO.

2: SEO changes.

To get the first page of Google is very easy in past. Some people used keywords , title , description , copy and modify the content and can build groups and backlines for getting high ranking. Now many things in the field of SEO are changed such as keyword stuffing and black hat SEO cant work for all websites. You can use it for temporary but Google will drop your ranking in this way. Google will updated all their search of algorithm to fight spam and for best results. Google will update all their updates in every month.

3: Typical SEO process.

1: keyword searches.
It is the process that is used for identified the most important keywords for our websites. It requires the that searches and results and tools which can helps us find most related and relevant keywords for the content.

2: Competition Analysis.
If you want to do competition by using analysis . You can do it by using different analysis tools and software. In this way you can get all information of by learning this.

3: SEO audit.
Auditing of websites will give knowledge about ranking of websites for selected keywords. It’s a important part of SEO.

4: On –Page SEO optimization.
On page optimization will identify the site structures and requirements.

5: Of – Page SEO optimization.
It helps to build the links and promote the websites on social media.

6: Measure the results.
It helps to measure the results of web sites.

7: Traffic and Ranking.
It helps in the process of high ranking and traffic of websites.

4: Old SEO process VS new process of SEO.

The above process is called the standard SEO. Many people follow this SEO for high ranking and existing of websites. Now you have to follow the new process of SEO for high ranking.
1: Start with keywords searches.
There are somethings that will help you in the ranking and keywords searches.
1: Start with long tail and low competition.
2: Use Google for complete idea.
3: Use related search.
4: You can use tools of keywords.
5: Use paid tools such as SEM rush.
5: Competition Analysis and website audit.
There are many paid tools for the audit of websites. Many peoples skip this for high ranking and moved on next step. The fundamentals of SEO are very important for the web users.
There are some easy process like,
1: Of page optimization
2: On page optimization
3: Link buildings
4: Monitor the ranking
5: Up dating the content
These are the some easy process of SEO that we can used.