Fastest Android launcher to Make your Phone Speed up

09 Mar
Best Android Launcher

Fastest Android launcher to Make your Phone Speed up


Waiting long for things to get load is very frustrating. People now have no time to wait for things to load, they want everything at a faster rate than saves their time Similarly if you are using an Android phone, no matter how old it is, what’s its version, you want it to run fast.

After a few years of use, we start feeling that our android phone has become slow and it is having improper slowdowns. As a perfect solution to this problem, there are some aspects that you can follow to enhance the speed of your Smartphone instead of buying new android phones every year. You do not need to make deep changes to the system but only to adopt some of the best factors that will actually help you in enhancing the speed of your android phones. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Clean up your Home Screen:

If your android phone is having a slower processor or less RAM and you are facing slowdowns and slow performance in processing a task, then the best ideal solution for this problem is to have a lean home screen. Make it pretty simple and light, it will help the device to speed up its performance. Avoid using widgets and live wallpapers on the home screen as they use resources and their functionalities can even begin updating in the background that will affect the speed of your android device. By using heavy apps on your home screen, you can face the impact called “home screen redraw”.It usually happens as a result of quitting a heavy app and in order to read the icons and images time of up to 2 sec is taken. So you must keep your home screen tidy.

2. Modify the default browsers:

You are provided with a default browser that is Chrome in Android after setting up your phone for easy access. But the problem is that default browsers are heavier in size and use more resources to process. The best solution is to switch to a different browser that is smaller in size. If you prefer a browser-related to Chrome, then you should consider using Opera. It offers web pages to load more quickly.

3. Remove unnecessary apps:

There are some of the unnecessary apps that are not used frequently but are the major cause in slowing up your device. These apps are not always uncertain; some of them are famous ones. Uninstalling the Facebook app from your android phone can make it speed better up to 15%. You should try to switch to a third-party Facebook app, as these are smaller in size and even uses less memory and runs faster and smoother.

4. Always check for Android updates:

You must be checking for the latest updates on Android phones as each latest version of Android comes up with better performance over the last one. So if your android phone has available updates then you must go on to installing them. The same scenario goes for the apps as well. Turn on the settings to Auto-update apps to enable that you receive a notification text as soon as any app has available updates. Updating apps will result in better optimization of resources, better performance, and more speedy results. Moreover, each update brings some exciting and latest features for you.

5. Focus on best fastest android launchers:

Android launchers are basically designed to showcase the best interesting features of your device. Most of the android launchers also enable you to manage the various screens of the device by optimizing it in a decent manner. It also allows you to open several apps that install faster. Moreover, there are a number of fastest android launchers that come with a strong initiative of enhancing the speed of your android phone and making it able to perform the task faster.

These android launchers actually help you in enhancing the overall speed performance of the phone and the overall appearance as well. It gives you a huge variety of themes and over 10, 000 unique and catchy wallpapers that make your device’s appearance more beautiful and attractive. You can give a touch of your personality by changing folders, icons and the entire style of the menu. These android launchers also allow you to customize your home screen, icons, and apps. You can also hide specific apps or folders that are private and you want to keep them safe. Some of the best fastest android launchers for slower phones are Nova, APUS and Smart launcher. These android launchers are listed as best launchers and play an essential role in boosting up the speed of android phones.

Final words:

Nowadays everyone is running short of time and wants all his tasks done rapidly. Using an android phone for a period of 6 months or a year may make us feel that our phone has become slow. We cannot afford a new android phone every year of course. So by following the factors and aspects discussed above you can manage your android phone in a decent manner and can make it feel new by doing minor changes. You just have to update the Android whenever the update is available and customize your home screen well. Try to make it pretty clean with only the most frequent apps and folders.

Avoid using live wallpapers as they are going to slow up your android phone eventually. One of the most decent possible solutions to deal with the slowness of the android phone is to install the third-party fastest android launchers for slow phones. They will help you in boosting the overall performance and speed of your android phone and you can also make your phone feel new by selecting stylish and catchy themes that are offered by android launcher. So what are you looking for? Go and download the fastest android launchers for Google Play store for free.

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