The Effects of Unique Title and Quality Content on SEO

23 Apr
Unique Content SEO

The Effects of Unique Title and Quality Content on SEO

You have a website and you don’t know how to write content. Let’s think you have just started, your competitors have a lot of content and you may want to catch your opponent with the content rate or even produce more content. So, do you have a road map? Let me examine how to create a road map for unique content;

Continuous use of titles on different sites will harm your site rather than a benefit. So why? How interesting would it be to talk about topics that have been written many times before and mentioned on many sites? you should consider this first.

Or in what ways is the article you wrote different from other content? Unless you can put another click on it, we can say that it is just a waste of time to write the inscriptions produced with the same titles.

You need to show that you are different from other sites. That’s why you should focus on unused, unique titles and long keywords with the best content. You should not prefer very short titles and the keywords you want to increase are the words with a high level of competition.

If you want to increase in a word like sample SEO, your progress by working with 2 and 3 phrases will enable us to progress faster. The Google search engine always gives new sites a chance. Just prove that you produce good content and do it all the time.

First of all, producing a lot of content does not mean success, and getting a lot of publicity does not mean that the content you have written will also be at the forefront of your site. There are some criteria for good content. First of all, you need to produce content with these criteria, but what do we mean when we say good content;

Unique title examples;

For example, suppose your competitors produce content under the heading of how to write an SEO compatible article. You can only progress at a certain level using the same title. Also, you have to be a little creative.

You can draw all the attention by choosing an impressive, eye-catching title and writing better content. Moreover, you can be one step ahead of your competitor by opening your title as 30 effective SEO Compliant Article Technique and using content and in-content titles along with other side keywords, what is SEO compatible article, and how to write it.

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Again, making researched, relevant tag choices for the content will provide you with a better order. Remember, many signals are used for the rankings. But the important thing is to market the best content with the best and remarkable title.

Our keyword in this article is “unique titles”. Remember, you should constantly edit the content and keep it updated until you get the best positions for each of your content.

If you are using a long title, the other thing you should know is that the URLs are short, it is not right to choose a URL that is as long as your title. For example, in this article, our title is long but our URL contains our focus keyword.

Well, what do you need to do if you encounter a situation like this? Let’s say you think that there is no other solution for you to be promoted to use the title. By putting a unique title again, you can create the same effect with the use of h3 and h4 and tag usage in the article.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is content that complies with the quality guidelines of search engines and the user experience is kept at the highest level. Quality guidelines and ranking signals of search engines decide whether the content is better than other content. Among the most important signals known;

  • Unique title usage
  • Creating the best content
  • Visual use “Must be original”
  • Visuals related to the subject and the description field should be entered
  • Using impressive titles
  • Paying attention to spelling rules
  • Video use if a technical subject is told
  • Social media sharing buttons under the subject
  • Plugins that allow visitors to ask you questions or comment
  • An immersive narrative, you should pay attention to make it as simple as possible
  • Keyword selection and keyword title
  • Use of side keywords in the subject
  • If you have other content related to the subject, direct the visitor with bolding
  • Putting similar content under the subject
  • Correct and relevant use of tags
  • Avoiding excessively long titles “Long title”
  • Filling in the content meta description. The point to be considered here is to write the best summary integrated with the title.
  • The visual descriptions used in the subject contain keywords
  • Avoid font size selection, very small characters, or unreadable character selections.
  • Controlling the content in mobile and amp version, rearranging the close items for mobile.

The steps you take above will help you maximize the user experience. Leading search engines like Google report that you should pay attention to visitors and followers for good content. To write an SEO compatible article, you can reveal poor quality content.

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To prevent such situations, you have to put yourself in the place of the user who made the call. How satisfactory is the content that you encounter as a result of the search, is it the best content for the search?

If you offer low-quality content, the visitor who searches will naturally leave your site and find the result they are looking for in another site. At this point, your site will be a site that is no longer preferred. Search engines attach great importance to user experience.

You should optimize your article for search engines but write for your visitors. Besides, we recommend you to read our article on the effects of Unique content on SEO, which we previously mentioned.

Quality and unique content will always make you a platform that attracts more attention. Visitors who are satisfied with your content quality will add your link and content without hesitation in various social media and even on their sites, in blogs, under a question sometimes asked.

We refer to the links coming to your site in this style as natural “organic” external links. This is exactly what search engines want. Providing flawless content instead of paid links will help you gain natural links.

Traffic that will attract your content, duration of content, comments, and being shared are also among the factors affecting the rankings. Do not forget to share the content you have written on your social media pages and add a summary area for the content while sharing.

Also, 25% of all 4 searches made worldwide are terms that have never been searched. The difference will always make you one step ahead. Let’s not forget to take care not to produce meaningless titles and content to be different.


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