How Can Influencers Promote Your Brand With Video Content?

31 Aug
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How Can Influencers Promote Your Brand With Video Content?

It’s not surprising that influencer marketing is so popular. This is because people want authentic advertising. The generation that is not tolerant of ‘forced’ ads has a greater interest in video content. It allows them to feel connected and understand influencers.

Why video content?

Instagram is the most widely used social media channel when it comes to influencer-marketing. YouTube, however, is the preferred video platform. Instagram allows users to upload video content through stories, posts, IGTV and IG Live updates. This is surely enough to take over YouTube as an influencer marketing platform. However, each platform has a different type of content.

Video content is a popular choice for influencers. They can be more informative, descriptive, or opinionated than photos. But a video could take 15 minutes. A video can communicate a lot more than just a caption. Showing products in use is a great way to get influencers to demonstrate, review, and give tutorials. In fact, content can be categorized by the 9 best types of social media videos to understand how they’re being used by influencers.

Because of the perceived authenticity of influencers, video content is preferred by the audience. It’s not enough to see perfectly posed Instagram pictures. You also get to hear the voices behind them. This leads to a trusting relationship between influencers, their followers, and their fans.

While video content can be more expensive than photographs for brands, there are other benefits. Influencers are able to help brands by creating new content or resharing existing content. This can bring about long-term advantages such as brand awareness and increased brand awareness. Influencers enjoy creating their own content to build their brand.

Different types of influencers who use video content

There are many types of content you can create on social media. Video content is often produced by influencers who specialize in fitness, lifestyle, food and gaming.

To create any type of content, it is important to get to know your audience and understand what they want to see. Influencers start their accounts because they are passionate about what they do. The content of influencer videos is what the audience wants to see and not the influencer. In order to better understand the demographics of the audience and their interests, surveys and questionnaires are often posted. In order to create engaging video content, it is important to gain a better understanding of the audience’s problems, questions, or curiosities.


In the case of video content, it is common for travel influencers to be in the same group as lifestyle influencers. Because many travel influencers upload videos in the form vlogs, or video blogs, this is possible. The influencer can take the audience on an adventure and show them new places. These vlogs are usually posted to YouTube. However, YouTube influencers from travel have amassed impressive followings on Instagram too, due to the highly visual nature of the platform. Q&As are also a very popular feature on YouTube by travel influencers. They want to give insight into how they manage a daily life of traveling.


The video content industry is big for influencers in the fitness and sports industries. It is important to note that most of the things they do and have influence require detailed explanations and tutorials. You’ll see Instagram users posting photos of their six-packs. But the true fitness influencers who engage their followers are those who explain their process and show how it works. YouTube is an excellent platform for fitness influencers to create detailed tutorials, such as on a particular exercise or routine. Hauls and unboxings are another popular video type for fitness influencers. This will be usually done in partnership with a brand who has given the influencer new products or gym clothing.

Use social media channels to share video content

We haven’t yet looked at TikTok, which is a new platform for influencers in the Fitness and Travel fields. Although these platforms have become the main channels of influencers worldwide, they can also serve different purposes.

YouTube is great for creating longer videos, such as we’ve seen with travel and fitness influencers. YouTubers usually spend a lot of time editing their videos and developing themes and features. YouTubers like channels that have a consistent style. They also want to be able to predict what videos will appear by following a schedule. Many free editing software’s are available. More experienced influencers can pay more to get more advanced tools.

Instagram has made it easy for influencers to use its platform by regularly updating it with new ways to post video content. These influencers are most likely to be found in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty categories. These influencers tend to post styling videos as well as make-up tutorials and clothing hauls via the different channels available on the app.

TikTok is a new platform that allows users to share video content. It’s amazing to see how brands are able to connect with influencers using short, well-produced videos of 15 seconds. TikTok’s short attention span or hatred of ads makes it a perfect fit to create video content that is easy to see and feels natural. People from all walks of life are using the platform to publish original content and partnered content. It’s a great platform for foodies to post their recipes and videos.


We encourage you to work with influencers in order to increase your marketing goals using video content. You will often get more brand exposure and not even have to create the content. I suggest you head over to Heepsy where you can find more information. Find influencers who will align perfectly with your campaign goals.


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